Dell Xps 9550 drove me crazy 


Been planning to get a new laptop for quit sometime and found a good reviews on the Dell xps 9550. As a design the laptop looks neat as it has the same feeling like apple IMac. The processor is HQ 6700 2.6 which quit good for the type of work I do. Also it came with 16gb ram 2GB Nvidia and 4k display.

Everything looks smooth so far but the first problem I faced that the laptop comes only with USB 3.0 which need a specific build of your OS ISO image in order to make the UEFI recognize it. I used Rufus to create a bootable USB for UEFI which also compatible with USB 3.0.

Tell now that’s not a big deal as the sleek design of the device what made the manufacturers take out the DVD player and as a step for following the latest technology they installed only the USB 3.0.

Got windows 10 pro edition installed which worked quit well for a month till a new massive problem showed up in the horizon. The laptop suddenly start be very very slow. It was running like a 5 years old laptop. First I doubted the hardware that some parts got damaged, so i went throw a stress testing for each device throw Dell testing utility but nothing showed up. Done the same testing through the BIOS but again nothing showed up. Although this kind of testing take hours if you are testing each and every hardware part.


Decided to call Dell customer service and open a case and as any customer service they will go through the same stupid test scenarios considering you the most dumb person on the planet. Meanwhile I was reading tons of articles about the sudden performance degradation and there was no solid answer as when it comes to performance there can be many factors involved. In some forums some fellas got the same problem and they solved the problem by removing the battery and plug it again but I didn’t want to follow this approach as I have to stick a screw driver in a brand new laptop which was an awful solution to me and as a software engineer things have to make sense to me first.

Finally i came across  one post talking about CPU throttling can be the cause. I installed ThrottleStop 0.6 and start to play around with it and figure out this was the issue.

The problem

After many windows installations and trying  all the possible drivers including the latest ones. The problem was caused by a stupid BIOS designed by Dell. The CPU was working only with 20% of its capacity because the BIOS keeping the CPU safe from overheating. Its a huge bug from Dell side as even when the laptop start with 35c the BIOS is doing exactly the same action which is slowing down the PC.

Also one of the tools I used to make sure that I have CPU throttling. Intel Extreme Tuning Utilities. As you can see from the below image  the utility shows that CPU throttle is 100%.

Screenshot (1)


After I cut the doubts about the problem, I sent a detailed email to the customer support explaining the whole issue and how i temporary  solved by using a third party application (ThrottleStop) to adjust the CPU speed whhen the OS loads. There response was: install the latest driver which i mentioned clearly in my email that i have a newer version than the one they sent to me and i even tried the driver they sent before and its not working. But because they have no solution i didn’t get a response from them till now!!!


Update (Solution)

Removing the battery and plug it again has solved the problem with the latest bios 1.1.19 [weird right 🙂 ]

My previous laptop was HP and though Dell will be a better move but honestly after this bug which doesn’t even has a solution till the day am writing this article and the ridiculous response from there customer support, I feel regret about my decision. I didn’t even mention the short battery life (around 3 hours) or about the 4k display which windows and other applications are not able to display the icons/menu items in a proper way as sometimes you need a microscope to see the application. You can google the scaling problem with windows 10 as Microsoft claims its application job to handle the scaling which is actually true but as an end user who just got new laptop. Didn’t expect all this kind of hassles.


Was setting with a friend who is a Mac user and he was surprised about the amount of problems am facing as he replied: as a regular laptop user, you shouldn’t have to know about all these and surf the web to solve such issues, so I think my next decision might be the almighty Apple.


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