How to use Iphone to write articles

Iphone dictation

I recently got my Iphone 6 plus, i really enjoy using it, iOS is smooth and able to handle different tasks easily. Usually i love to know all the hidden features in any new toy, so was doing some research about voice to text technology and where it reached in the last few years, i know most of the phones have this feature long time back but as far as I remember, it wasn’t quit good back then. Decided to test how it works on Iphone specially I’m using Siri a lot to do some daily tasks (reminders, search for content , get info about weather,currency).

Turn on dictation

First, you need to make sure dictation is turned on. To do this, go to Settings > General > Siri, and then turn Siri on. You need to turn it on for speech recognition to work. Then go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Dictation, then turn Enable dictation on. Now all set and you phone is ready to use dictation feature.

Where can I use dictation !

You can dictate anywhere in your phone where you can enter text. For example, you can compose emails, dictate notes, and even dictate replying whats app messages. Any time you see the small microphone icon next to the spacebar on the keyboard, dictation is available. Just tap anyplace you can type text, and then tap the microphone icon to start dictating. When you’re finished, tap done.

ihpone dictation microphone

How accurate !!

Couple of factors affect the result:

First talk into the microphone, make sure you are close enough to the microphone or use a handsfree to make your voice clear to the engine.
Second speak clearly, the more your words are clear the more accurate the result will be.

I have created a small video how to use dictation and the result from using it below

How to use dictation on Iphone

Long text !!

Yes you can use this feature to write long text but keep in mind to stop dictating in 30 seconds (probably it will stop by itself). Don’t forget this is a phone and not a massive machine with huge RAM and CPU. Doing so has its advantage as well, as it gives you more time to think about what you want to say next and order your thoughts.

Dictation commands

I don’t usually use a lot of commands but will share a link from Siri documentation which contains all the commands you can use while dictating, link

Other Languages

I was surprised when I tried this with Arabic and it was working fine. All what you need to do is turn the keyboard to other language and then tab on the micrphone icon and start to speak. Let me know in the comments how was our experience with other language.


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