The world of internet television (IPTV)

IPTV Meter

The era of Satellite is going to disappear very soon as we recently witnessing all these online television providers offering thousands of TV channels through subscriptions. These channels can be streamed through your smart TV, mobile phone,kodi/xbmc, personal computer and more.

On the other side a lot of websites are giving free links for some TV channels every now and then. But the question here, do they really work !

The idea

As a software engineer, the easiest solution for me is to make the machine works for me to get any job done quickly. As I realized most of these channels are not really working or they worked for sometime then went down for any reason.

So i decided to make a small script can check if the channel is online or not by visiting the channel URL and analyses  the response to find out the current stat. It worked perfectly so i decided to take it to next level and make it as a website so other people can get the benefit out of it.

IPTV Meter


IPTV Meter is the name of the website i have been working on, inside it you can find a Tester service can take a m3u playlist and extract its content and send it to the server to see each channel in that list status.

It gives you a graphical representation about each channel and small stats tells how many are working and how many are not. It doesn’t stop there, you can even download a brand new playlist with the working channels only which you can use it directly in your smart TV or any other device.

How to use

Youtube tutorial

It’s really simple and easy steps. If you want to test the service quickly, visit for example and copy any of their recent channels playlists. Once done go to Tester page and paste the playlist into the text area then click Test channels.

You can copy each channel link by click the little icon beside each channel name. Also you can download a new m3u playlist with the working channels only by clicking on Download list. I also made a small tutorial on how to do the same steps in just few minutes.

Road map

As am able to get the channels  status easily now, am planning to turn this into a monitoring service which you can know how your channels are behaving or if you have a subscription from any provider, you can know how it performs and decide if you want to continue with them or not.


Contribution share

I would really appreciate if you found this article useful or this tool is awesome, share it with other so people can get to know about it. Also if you have an idea or came through some problems while you are exploring the service, please send an email to


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