How to use Iphone to write articles

Iphone dictation

I recently got my Iphone 6 plus, i really enjoy using it, iOS is smooth and able to handle different tasks easily. Usually i love to know all the hidden features in any new toy, so was doing some research about voice to text technology and where it reached in the last few years, i know most of the phones have this feature long time back but as far as I remember, it wasn’t quit good back then. Decided to test how it works on Iphone specially I’m using Siri a lot to do some daily tasks (reminders, search for content , get info about weather,currency).

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Well I have to start blogging buddy


Hello there, my name is Amgad and I’m a senior software engineer lives in Dubai. Not big fan of writing but sharing useful things with other people is fun.

Was working on a small batch for myself to use windows spotlite images and then I thought why not sharing it with others, so decide to remove the dust from this blog which i created 2 years back 🙂 and create an article how to use the tool which will share in a while.
Hopefully will have more time to post more useful stuff in the future. Peace !!